LAB-METAL Technical Data

Description: Ready-to-use aluminum filled repair and patching compound. Single component dent and body filler.

Color: Metal gray. Aluminum when buffed or sanded.

Adhesion: Excellent adhesion to clean, dry surfaces of metal (aluminum, steel, stainless, brass, bronze, cast iron, copper, lead...), wood, hard plastic, and glass. No heat needed; hardens upon exposure to air. Please note: Lab-metal will not bond two parts together; Lab-metal requires air in order to dry.

Hardness: 81 on Shore D scale

Coefficient of Linear Expansion: 15 x 10-6 inch/inch per F

Strength: Tensile: 650 lbs./square inch

Compressive: Approx. 20,000 psi

Water pressure: 50 psi

Specific gravity: 1.95 at 75F

Weight: One cubic inch: 31.2 grams or 1.10 oz.

Heat resistance: When dry and hard, withstands temperatures to 350F and is not affected by cold to -40F. Withstands higher temperatures (up to 425F) if heat exposure is less than 20 minutes. (For prolonged higher temperatures, Hi-Temp Lab-metal is available.)

Chemical Resistance: Not affected by mild acids, gasoline, petroleum, petroleum solvents, oil or L.P. gas. Alkalis will attack Lab-metal slowly, but only after extensive immersion.

Combustibility: Dry and hard material will not support combustion.

Conductivity: A non-conductor at normal voltage. Not considered an insulator. Accepts ground for powder coating.

Thermal Conductivity: Est. 1-2 BTU per sq. ft., per hour, per F.

Mechanical Properties: Strong and durable. Can be milled, sawed, drilled, tapped, sanded, ground, or filed. Does not shrink, chip, crack or peel, and is easily feather edged. Can be painted without lifting paint.

Drying time: Dependent upon thickness of application. Under normal conditions, a 1/16" application hardens in 1-2 hours. A 1/8" application hardens in 3-4 hours at ambient temperatures. Brush or spray applications (Lab-metal thinned with Lab-solvent) dry very quickly.

Shelf life: Two years in factory-sealed can. For extended storage, add Lab-solvent as instructed. Store in a cool place.

Please review Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

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