CR Speedi-Sleeve Selection

To determine the appropriate sleeve size it is first necessary to clean the shaft carefully and to measure the diameter of an undamaged section in three or four planes to each other.

The Speedi-Sleeve size is chosen based on the arithmetical mean of these measured diameters. If the value lies within the permissible diameter range for one of the sleeves listed in the following tables, then an adequately tight fit will be obtained. The sleeve cannot turn on the shaft and no adhesive is required.

If no suitable sleeve is found in the tables, then the shaft must be reworked and a different size of seal from the original must be used. Where Speedi-Sleeves are to be used in a new design, it is possible that a tailored sleeve can be supplied, provided the production quantities are viable.

Only in cases where the shaft exhibits deep grooving or is otherwise damaged is it advisable to first apply powdered metal epoxy filler to the grooves and other damaged areas.

CR Speedi-Sleeve Mounting Instructions

Before mounting the sleeve the seal seating on the shaft should be carefully cleaned. Deep wear grooves, scratches or very rough surfaces should be treated with suitable metallic powder epoxy fillers. It should be noted that the sleeve must be positioned on the shaft before the filler has hardened. The mounting procedure is otherwise as follows.
  • The final position of the sleeve on the shaft must be determined and marked. The sleeve should cover the wear tracks of the old seal.
  • The Speedi-Sleeve is pushed on to the shaft with the flanged end first. The mounting tool supplied with the sleeve is pushed on to the sleeve.
  • The Speedi-Sleeve is driven up on the shaft by light, centrally applied blows to the mounting tool.

If the tool is not long enough a length of pipe or tube with square and deburrred ends can be used instead.
  • The flange should only be removed when the sleeve has reached its final position. The flange should be cut through to the tear groove after which the flange can be peeled off along the groove e.g. using tongs. If the flange is not in the way when other parts are being assembled and if it will not foul another component it may, or even should, be left in position as it will act as a flinger and improve sealing efficiency.
  • After the sleeve has been mounted, the shaft end, over which the new seal is to be threaded, should be checked again to see that there are no burrs.
  • Lightly oil or grease the Speedi-Sleeve surface and, if necessary, the shaft end, to ease mounting the seal. Use the same lubricant as that which the radial shaft seal is to retain.
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